Alan Peter Original Music for Film & Television


Only One Dream

This song took a while to “mature”. It was inspired by Woody Allen’s lesser-known musical, “Everyone says I love you”, which I got a chance to watch in 2004. The music was written on acoustic guitar while I was on holiday in Spain later that year. It took me another two years to figure out what the song was about and to finish the lyrics. My late uncle, Tony Murray R.I.P. was one of the first to hear it and always had high hopes for it. Sadly, he passed away last year before the recording was completed. The song is dedicated to him, as his gentle guitar playing and soft, melodic singing voice at family occasions reverberated throughout my childhood and left an indelible impression on me into teenhood and beyond. I got the help I needed to record the track from Dave Keary in 2009. He put me in touch with a number of musicians and with the use of his studio, we got the drums and double bass down in an afternoon in early August. The rest of the instruments were added in stages after that.

Special thanks to: Ray Fean (Drums), Paul Moore (Double bass), Alistair White (Trombones) and Limerick’s very own Jim Hanley (Piano), Alan Ryan (Trumpet) and Dave Keary (Electric guitar)

I’ve had only one dream since I don’t know when This heart has for one thing been silently beating I’ve thought at times in the past has my chance just passed me by For the years show that a real chance goes when dreams have been sleeping I’m tired of excuses and they’re sure tired of me I’ve been turning away from all the things that I feared I could never be Only now they’ve turned to me Said it’s my time That it’s high time I let the stars in Just let them begin to find what I’ve been searching How the sky at night turns blue if the stars find that your heart’s blind Well you’d better turn fast ’cause your turn will not last if the past has turned on you Just now I woke up to find I’m in a dream is what it seems to me Well here goes What’s in here knows there’s a reason it must be Gonna let the stars in Just let them begin For my dream has just found me